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Hajra is a Pakistani-American, Author-Illustrator, Fine Artist, and Lecturer from the Bay Area. She has a BSc in Physics from the Univ. of San Francisco, an MSc in International History from the London School of Economics & Political Science, and a Picture Book Certificate from the MA program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Currently, she is teaching art classes for the Santa Cruz Art League, and plans to get back to illustrating more of her picture book manuscripts when she has the time!

She was a Lecturer in Art History, International History, and Calculus at UC Merced for 4 years, and has taught watercolor, gouache, and ink in-person and online (via Youtube, Patreon, and Skillshare) for a decade. Her Youtube channel currently has 1.5 million views, her art has been in exhibitions in Union City, Mariposa, Vermont, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Merced (where it was viewed by First Lady Michelle Obama), and she had a successfully funded online Kickstarter campaign for an environmentalist picture book about the real wolf OR-7.

She also collaborates on digital, interactive Data Visualization projects that combine art and information.

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