Alphabet Journey

Parent/Teacher Discussion Questions


1) E is for 'Endangered.' Turn on the eagle sightings on the interactive map to see where Golden Eagles are found. Is the eagle endangered or is the wolf, or are they both? How should we define endangered?

2) H and I are for 'Highway' and 'Impact.' How do highways impact or affect wildlife? Turn on the highway data on the interactive map. Which highways has Journey been near?

3) F for food depicts a ranch with cattle. Turn on the cattle data layer on the interactive map. Calculate the number of cattle compared to the number of wolves in California. What does this number imply about the space for wolves and other endangered wildlife in California?

4) Y is for Yearning. What does 'Yearning' mean and how does it relate to Journey zigzagging around the map? Use A for Alone and D for Dream to help explain your answer.

5) Turn on the ecosystem data layer on the interactive map. Mouse over Journey's routes on the map. What sort of ecosystems has Journey wandered through and near?

6) Study the black bear range in in California on the interactive map. Does Journey's trek overlap in areas where black bears are located? If so, why might this be?

7) K is for Kingsnake. What do Kingsnakes eat and how does that play a role in nature?

8) The letters T and U guess at Journey's feelings about his radio transmitter. How does the tracking show up on the interactive map? Find the paw prints on the interactive map that will take you to the CDFW website and the Oregon Wild website so you can read more about him and the Imnaha pack. Discuss.

9) The Letters N-O-P-Q use the words News, OR-7, Photo, and Questions. How is OR-7/ Journey news? Find the paw print on the interactive map that will take you to Wikipedia's OR-7 page so you can see news and photos of him. What questions might people be asking about wolves and their place in states like California?

10) R is for Rabbits. What does Journey's diet consist of? How does he obtain his food?

11) V is for vulture. Vultures, like wolves, have a bad reputation, but what useful role do these birds play in nature?

12) W is for wildfire. One of the real photos taken of Journey show him in a wildfire area. Discuss how wildfires negatively and positively affect wildlife.

13) Do you have classmates who moved from another school, state, or country? How can Journey's situation help us relate to and empathize with other immigrants?

For wolf classroom craft activities, go here.

Journey's radio transmitter is said to be expiring by the end of 2013. You can share this book and its digital supplements to raise awareness about threatened wolves like Journey even after his transmitter expires and we can no longer track him on his journey.